Overcoming Fears: Turning Them into Strength and Confidence (Personal Development Book)

by Vanessa Angel

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Book Description

What prevents people from reaching their goal, changing their dull life, staying healthy, and, at last, feeling happy? What controls our subconsciousness and destroys our plans? It is a sense of fear whether inspired by our past experiences, or maybe the experience of our family and friends. In life, we always face many fears, and it is tough to overcome them because we got used to them, they have created a so-called "comfort zone" for us, which is very difficult to get out. People find many ways to suffer. You ought to understand this mechanism and learn how to control it. Moreover, the "sufferers" should know that all they strive for in their minds - close relationship, impressive work, social communication, inner peace – are located outside their comfort zone. Moreover, the subconscious pulls them into habitual suffering, so it is essential while realizing it, stop enjoying the pain, and learn to accept and appreciate interest, pleasure, intimacy.

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