Overcoming Mother-In-Law Problems: An Essential Guide to Setting Boundaries and Getting Along with your Mother-in-Law

by Kristine Zamburuk
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Book Description

They say that when you get married, you don't just marry your spouse, but you marry the entire family. Some of us are lucky enough to marry into a loving supportive family who knows to keep their noses out of husband-wife issues. But for others of us, our relationship with the in-laws is a constant power struggle with skirmishes left and right and regular doses of "my way" versus "your way" disagreements. If your mother-in-law seems to take issue with every little thing you do or has to give her input on every little thing happening in your marriage, it can take a toll on your relationship with your spouse - and your sanity. While you don't want to face off with her directly, you also don’t want to ignore her either. And although you could try to avoid her and limit your interactions, she is still the woman who bore and raised your partner, so you owe her a certain amount of respect and inclusion in your family. So that leaves you feeling stuck. What can you do? That's exactly what I'm going to help you with. Respecting your mother-in-law doesn’t mean you have to let her dictate how to run your own family, nor does it mean you have to constantly put up with the (sometimes hurtful and often repetitive) “advice” she generously offers. I'm going to show you how to proactively and effectively relate to your mother-in-law in a loving and respectful manner while firmly maintaining your autonomy over your family and married life.

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