by Imani Jacobsen
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Book Description

Overeating, also sometimes known as binge eating, is a real problem and one that some people have to face every meal of every day. It not only contributes to a host of physical health problems, but also affects one’s self-esteem and sense of self-control. While some people believe that overeating is merely a lack of self-control, in fact it's usually a symptom of other issues. For example, some people tend to overeat to fill emotional voids, while others see it as a means of escaping the stress and pressure of everyday life. In any case, binge eaters find temporary comfort and pleasure in food, forming a vicious cycle that manifests the overeating behavior in continuum. This book is designed to help you better understand why you may tend to overeat, and provide you with effective ways to manage the tendency to overeat and develop stronger self-control. So if you're ready to take back control and learn how to put your fork down without feeling deprived and embark on a lifetime of healthy eating habits, then let’s get started!

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