Painful Deliverance

by Ann M Pratley
  • Book Author : Ann M Pratley
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  • Category : Mystery & Thrillers / Permafree
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Book Description

Lincoln has developed a passion for receiving pain. It shouldn't affect Alexis but it does. She doesn't want to do it anymore. She doesn't want to deliver pain to anyone, not even for their pleasure. Having moments where she shuts down and withdraws into herself, Alexis knows that what's happening to her isn't right. She starts to put in place plans to get away and make a new life for herself. Lincoln isn't ready to let her go. He will pursue her in his desperate attempt to keep her close. She will run but can she hide from her powerful obsessor? All she wants is to get away and start over in a new location and a new life - a life without pain. This story does contain obsession, stalking, escapism, coarse language and psychological trauma. But underneath all of that, a sweet, deep romance will blossom… -"...captivating plot, dynamic characters, and some great erotic passages." -"...this is a book that is unlike any other that I have ever read... believable and raw in a way that is captivating...have to read this to understand... to get how believable it is" -"From the opening few pages, this book draws you into the story… hard to put down." -"…there is sexual content in this novel, but I think most readers are going to be intrigued by this author's story." -"I finished reading this book yesterday, and this morning, it's still on my mind...diving in the next book right away."

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