Paleo Diet for Weight Loss Eat Well and Get Healthy: 100 Easy Recipes for Beginners (gluten-free, sugar-free, legume-free, dairy-free)

by Claudia Grosser, Susan Risse
  • Book Author : Claudia Grosser, Susan Risse
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Book Description

Here you will read what exactly means to have a Paleo diet and lifestyle and how it will actually change your body for the better. Paleo Diet for Weight Loss is a comprehensive cookbook that will teach you cook healthy meals that will help you slim and increase your energy at the same time. This diet focuses on eating clean (low-carb and high-protein meals) and eliminates all processed foods that don’t serve you at all. This Paleo Cookbook includes: •An overview of Paleo lifestyle, which will help you lose weight and become healthier. •Benefits of the Paleo diet. •Principles and rules of this diet. •A 7-day Paleo diet meal plan with a shopping list. •100 delicious and easy to make recipes. •Gluten-free and sugar-free exquisite desserts.

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