Paleo Instant Pot Cookbook: 25 Healthy Recipes (The Ashley Sommers Instant Pot Series)

by Ashley Sommers
  • Book Author : Ashley Sommers
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Book Description

Did you come across this book because you are not about to admit failure another time? Do you want to be a healthier person but are unsure how? Does time and money seem to slip away when you try other diets? Have you heard of the paleo diet but are afraid to make the leap? If any of these questions resonate with you, then you have stumbled across the right place to start a journey on a path to success in regards to your health! The paleo diet is a diet that may be a bit challenging to incorporate into chaotic lives, but it is all about adopting an entirely new mindset, for it is a new way of life! If you are sincerely ready to make a good chance for your health, then you have come across a real treat. You have not only found a book that welcomes the paleo diet with open arms, but it brings you an entirely new way to do it at your convenience, with the assistance of the instant pot! This means that delicious and nutritious paleo meals are easy to make with a press of a button! The contents of this book include: * A quick and easy to read introduction to the paleo lifestyle 
* How to become your own paleo chef in the comfort of your own kitchen 
* Ways to get the most out of your instant pot 
* Paleo tips and tricks 
* 25 delicious and easy to make Paleo instant pot recipes

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