Paranormal Powers, Conversations with True Practitioners

by M.G. Hawking

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Free on Amazon 8/29 - 8/30/19. Explore detailed accounts of explorer M.G. Hawking’s experiences in remote Himalayan regions of Nepal and Tibet with true practitioners of paranormal abilities, including first-hand narratives of their demonstrations of psychokinetic and extrasensory powers, and in-depth descriptions of the esoteric knowledge that enables the attainment of such exceptional abilities. Although widely acknowledged in India, Nepal, Tibet and various Himalayan areas of Asia, paranormal abilities have in the Western World been largely disregarded by the general population. However, in the scientific community the perception is very different. The knowledge and practices presented in this book arise directly from the teachings of profoundly enlightened individuals. If studied with patience and fully integrated into your core belief system, these teachings can lay the foundation necessary to enable you to acquire abilities that most people would say are unbelievable or even impossible. As entertaining as it is enlightening, this is an incomparable book for anyone seeking greatly enlarged knowledge and personal power. 2019 Edition, includes an extensive Source and Additional Material Section. Kindle e-reader page count 350 (estimated, actual count varies depending on the reading device used). A Kindle Unlimited Book. For more information, please see the 'Look Inside' feature on the book’s Amazon page. Thank you.

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