Passion for Pizza: 50 Easy-to-Follow Delicious Recipes for the Whole Family

by Jennifer Tate
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Book Description

Can not you imagine your life without PIZZA? Pizza is a favorite dish for many people all over the world. The book Passion for Pizza outlines simple recipes and recommendations, original combinations of ingredients that will help prepare stunning dishes. Having tried pizza once, it is impossible to forget the refined and unique taste. You can cook pizza for your family with the help of our recipes no worse than in a restaurant. The book includes both restaurant hits and homemade recipes. You’ll discover 50 easy-to-follow delicious recipes that lead you to the basics of pizza cooking. The Pizza cookbook includes: • Vegetable pizza • Meat pizza • Seafood pizza • Healthy pizza Home, pizza the whole family at the dinner table. What else is needed for quiet cozy happiness? The main thing is that tasty treats are enough for everyone. We offer win-win recipes for pizza, filled with colors of taste and affectionate warmth.

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