Penny Dreadful: A thriller

by T M Tam

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Book Description

Hong Kong. Idyllic beaches. Glitzy cityscapes. What can go wrong? Jasmine Spitfire, Hong Kong’s social counsellor extraordinaire, thought her world would forever consist of the disillusioned, the disgruntled and the mildly depressed. She's wrong. The moment a gruesome murder darkens her doorstep, Spitfire's life teeters on the cusp of paranoia and self-destruction. Why did Piers Blunt, the expatriate power-player, die in such a gruesome manner? And who could have done this? Jasmine embarks on an investigation that puts in her radar a cast of suspects, making the crowded city even more claustrophobic. But when the clues don’t add up while the dead bodies begin to pile up, fiery Spitfire must race against time--and overcome her own demons--to find and stop the real murderer. A suspenseful, white-knuckle thriller with Sherlockian wit and intensity set amidst the glittering skyscrapers, dark alleyways, and majestic shorelines of Hong Kong. Penny Dreadful throws you in the front seat of a maddening ride and compels you to keep your eyes, and your heart, wide open. ”Books like 'Penny Dreadful' are hard to come by, a finely crafted whodunit with soul. It's hard not to like Jasmine Spitfire, because she reminds us of ourselves—a supposedly normal person, albeit with a few quirks, who chooses to do what is right despite all the risks... Penny Dreadful' is a scathing commentary on society, an intricate, heart-rending yet uplifting page turner that holds you hostage ...

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