Pharaoh’s Slave

by Guy Stanton III
  • Book Author : Guy Stanton III
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  • Category : Christian Fiction
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Book Description

An ancient history………….. A remote mountainous place……….. A sunken past that holds the key to both mankind’s destruction or its salvation. A key believed to have the power to even lock away the heavens from earth. The only question left is, who will get to the key first? Pharaoh’s Slave is the exciting story of the pursuit of harmony and of what the right resonances of choice can inspire. It is a story about the choices that decide heaven or hell and last but not least, it's the story of the adventure to be entailed when a promise is made by the Author of all Life, and its journey to fulfillment even if it is 6,000 years in the making. Read to discover how a key from the past unlocks one righteous man’s future and authors in the rebirth of a nation long left in the ashes of pre-antiquity history. As ancient sleeping evils rise to haunt the world of today, and monsters awaken to silence the foolishness of men, even so one will be taken on a journey of faith to see that God truly does know the End from the Beginning. Pharaoh’s Slave is an inspiring, original, fresh take on the reality of what Christian Speculative Fiction was meant to be and what all Christian Fiction should be in terms of being both God honoring and truthfulness to reality.

Guy Stanton III


I’m a dreamer, a poet, a lover, a husband, a father, and a man of God. I’m inspired by what I’ve seen and what I’ve read, but what I create with my words is where I dream. I pray for inspiration, and I enjoy what I have written just as I hope that others will as well. I’m a quiet man on the outside, but writing has become the playground of my soul to express itself in the grandeur of the created worlds and tales that I have been fortunate enough to dream of. The best way to find out more about me is to read my books. I write from the heart and I express both my shortcomings and my triumphs. I like to think of my writing as 'Reality Fiction'. I tell it like I see it. Life is short and the troubles many, but with faith in Jesus Christ all thi

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