Photographic Memory: Proven Methods of Remembering Anything Faster and Increase Productivity

by Kyle J. Benson
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Book Description

Admit it. There have been plenty of occasions where you forgot stuff. Things like the password to your Facebook account, the place where you’ve left your keys, your child’s birthday, and you and your partner’s anniversary. There’s just an overwhelming number of things you have to remember every single day, and that alone causes your brain to overload and forget most of them.

This has been my case. Before I managed to successfully train my brain to easily remember things, I was struggling with the issue of forgetting stuff. I tend to read books regularly but only end up forgetting what I’ve read. However, just because forgetting is a part of human nature, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to circumvent it. In fact, there are several techniques and strategies that you can apply in order to help improve your memory.

I have created this eBook as a guide to get you back on track. You might disagree with me, but nowadays it seems we’ve all suffered from shortened memories. We easily forget things, and remembering stuff has become quite a challenge.

In this book I am sharing these topics:

  • The Art of Remember Anything
  • The Truth Behind A Photographic Memory
  • The Science of Memory: How the Brain Works
  • 7 Ways to Wire the Brain to Remember Things
  • Lifestyle Changes to Help Improve Your Memory

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