Pin Money

by David DeLee

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Book Description

Meet Grace deHaviland. Half-Irish. Half-Latina. And all attitude. She’s back, and this time the no-nonsense bounty hunter must face off against ruthless gunrunners, a merciless pedophile, and an old enemy that wants Grace dead. Drawn into a complex, joint task force investigation, Grace deHaviland, along with her best friend Sheriff's Deputy Suzie Jensen, find themselves facing off against gunrunners, the U.S. Marshal Service, and the ATF. Squeezed from all sides, they must do what the feds, and even Grace's occasional lover, BCI agent Eugene Booker, won't, if they are to find their man before time runs out...for him and for them. On the trail of a pedophile and out of time before more victims die, sheriff's deputy Suzie Jensen turns to the only person she knows who can help her locate her perp and a missing girl: Columbus, Ohio's top bounty hunter, Grace deHaviland. Hired to track down and bring in a call girl on the run, bounty hunter Grace deHaviland soon discovers there's more to the case than her skip's odd decision to jump bail, forcing Grace to confront more than one old enemy, and ultimately face the most dangerous adversary of her career--for the second time! Book Two in the award-winning Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter Series.

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