Plant Based Diet for Beginners: Your Starting-Point Guide to Great Food, Good Health and Lean Body; With 30 Proven, Simple and Tasty Recipes

by Rebecca Bellis
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Book Description

This book reveals you how easy it is to change your life and reap all the benefits a plant based diet has to offer: - Lose Weight: weight loss occurs with the increased consumption of fiber and vitamins, which is an effect of switching to a plant-based diet; - Reduced Risk of Chronic Diseases: Plant based diets work as a medicine to reduce the number of doctor visits; - More Energy: Plant based diet is high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and many other nutrients; - Less Expensive: beans and legumes are great sources of protein that cost significantly less than an equivalent amount of meat; - Better Digestion: fruits and vegetables are high in fiber that is the most essential nutrient for healthy digestion. Additionally, you will get tips and tricks to ensure that your dietary habits will develop as quickly as possible, including how to totally commit to the food regimen. After that, you will discover 30 best plant-based recipes which will handle you to get and keep a lean body without losing energy and vitality levels!

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