Poems from the Bottom of the Well

by Jennifer Woden

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Book Description

At the bottom of a well, a frog sits, in solitude, documenting his thoughts and observations about life in the form of poetry. His writing, although seemingly random, revolves around topics relevant to people of any age: losing weight, the "me" generation, airplanes that disappear in mid-air, stereotypes about Chinese people, a gorilla that gets shot, and even fashion. It is his wish to present a different perspective, and he does so by using well-known characters, like Jack (and the Beanstalk), the Tortoise and the Hare, and Barbie. He also contemplates the meaning and power of technology in today's society. He occasionally tries to offer a positive message to readers, and yet at other times, there is an underlying tone of sarcasm, perhaps even cynicism, in his writing. Ultimately, he wants to make you think about the issues that matter, the issues you may not have time to think about in your everyday life.

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