Posing Mastery – Sitting, Kneeling & Lying Down

by Dan Eitreim
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Book Description

Sitting and Kneeling poses offer a lot of challenges... and opportunity. Once you check out this simply written, easy to read - easy to understand - ebook, you’ll totally understand how to pose your models so that they will look their best! Posing Mastery is really easy once you learn and understand the basic silhouette shapes that lead to all the posing variations!! For a sample of what is covered, here is the Table Of Contents: Introduction Posing Overview And Review The Overall Shape - Groups The Pyramid The Diamond The Diagonal The Overall Shape - Individuals The "I" Pose The "C" Pose The "S" Pose The Zig Zag Sitting and Kneeling It's The Angles That Matter Perpendicular Lines Vs. Non-Perpendicular Lines The Four Basic Sitting and Kneeling Silhouettes The Geometric Pose The Acute Angle Pose The Obtuse Angle Pose The Mixed Angle Pose Lying Down Mixed Posing Silhouettes The Modified "I" The Modified "C" The "S" In Lying Down Poses The Photo Notebook Here Are A Couple More Samples Photo Exercise How To Improve Your Photography Other Books By Dan Eitreim We’ll learn the Zig Zag pose - its the basic silhouette that leads to all the various sitting and kneeling options. Four Basic Sitting and Kneeling Silhouettes – Here’s where we go into the various angles ...90 degrees, acute and obtuse used to create all those stunning portraits. Before you know it, you'll be making them too! Check out this volume and in an hour or so, you will!

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