Power Love Sound Mind

by Pierce Brantley
  • Book Author : Pierce Brantley
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  • Category : Christian Fiction / Permafree
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Book Description

A powerful men's devotional book. Designed for Christian guys of all ages. With a NEW, three-pillar framework, this biblical study for men will help you discover the mind of Christ in a profound way. Power, Love, and a Sound Mind. These three pillars build up the "Mind of Christ" within you. When one of them is weak, your spirit man suffers. But it doesn't have to be this way. Use this Christian men's devotional to grow in spiritual strength by reading one power-packed excerpt per week. The new, one-of-a-kind framework, ensures you'll make progress by covering your bases once a month. In a month, all three pillars will be covered. At the end of the year, you'll be a stronger Christian man, and best of all, you'll recognize the Mind of Christ within you. Get this devotional for men best seller today! Discover the results of this men's devotional: NEW - Three-Pillar Framework EASY TO READ - It's made for guys on the go. No Kumbaya's included. ONE DEVOTIONAL PER WEEK - Read one challenge per week! Apply this men's devotional daily BIBLICALLY BASED - No Fluff. Everything is based on the scripture MEASURABLE GROWTH - Each month your Power, Love, and Soundness of Mind is strengthened GREAT FOR GROUPS - Perfect for Bible Studies and Men's Groups

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