Prescription Drug Abuse

by Harrison Spencer
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Book Description

One thing that is always synonymous with prescription drug addiction is an extremely compromised quality of life, affecting not only the addict himself, but also the loved ones around him. It's undeniable that something must be done, but unfortunately the person with the addiction isn't in the best position to take action. As a friend or family member, it may be up to you to help put your loved on the road to recovery, and support him during the process - and the sooner, the better. Be prepared though... Your best efforts will likely be met with varying degrees of denial and aggression. You may be accused of interfering, being judgmental, or trying to control him. This book is designed to help equip you with all the necessary information and tools required to effectively help a loved one fight and beat prescription drug addiction. We'll work our way through the basics of understanding the prescription drug abuse, learning how to determine the severity of your loved one’s addiction, and identifying how to win his trust and make him understand that you’re on his side and only want to help. When it comes to drug abuse, every minute counts, so let's get started.

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