PRIDE – Seven Deadly Sins

by Max Bones

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Book Description

A gripping crime mystery thriller that will keep you hooked to the last. 'Pride is the first sin' The attack came out of nowhere. Chad Delacroix knew that because of his wealth, he could be a target. There was a reason he paid good money for security when he was out on the town. He never for a second thought he could be in danger. Not for a second. A few inches to the right and the blade would have cleaved a gap in his forehead. He wouldn’t have had a chance to run for his life. Chad risked a look back. The man with the ax, a man he never laid eyes on before tonight, stood in the hallway watching him run. Detective Cameron "Cam" Roman is charged with investigating the murder of a wealthy heir and socialite. Detective Deborah Stanhope is new to murder, but by no means wet behind the ears. Their investigation leads them into a murky world where it's tough to know who you can trust. A serial killer crime thriller for fans of Mike Omer, Barry Eisler, Teresa Driscoll, Simon Gervais. With the clock against them, Detectives Roman and Stanhope have no time to lose in tracking the murderer down. *A very exciting read...I can't wait to find out what happens next *A terrifying, thrilling page turner *Simply must read. A great debut Download and read today

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