Procrastination Mastery: How to Avoid procrastination, boost productivity and time management

by Brice Alex
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Book Description

"I can do this later!" Most of us can't count the number of times we have said this. If you are working on a project in your company and it is due in one month, you feel that temptation to postpone the work for later and do something fun instead. You end up doing the bulk of the work near the deadline and the result is terrible. Or when you endlessly postpone your workout for "tomorrow" that will never pass!For most of us, Procrastination compromises our success at work, at school, and our daily and social activities!GOOD NEWS! THERE ARE WAYS TO MASTER PROCRASTINATION!!In this book you will learn : 1. 14 proven tips to help you in your Anti-procrastination Odyssey2. Even more tips to boost your productivity and be happier in life3. And even more tips to improve your time management.Get rid of procrastination and be happier and more productive ever after!If you are someone who constantly struggle with the effects of procrastination, this book is for you!

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