Productive Memory Training Guide: Easy Ways to Enhance Your Memory and Improve Quality of Your Life

by Albert Deramus
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Book Description

The ability to think and process multiple pieces of information quickly and effectively is a fundamental skill to have whether for the purpose of answering hard questions, making impromptu remarks, analyzing a situation, or synthesizing a bunch of data points into a cohesive and convincing presentation. In this fast-paced world, putting out the right piece of knowledge at the right time is very necessary for growth and survival. That is why Writer Albert Deramus has selflessly written a magnificent book that teaches the key strategies to memory improvement called “Productive Memory Training Guide: Easy ways To Enhance Your Memory and Improve Quality of Your Life”. This memory enhancing guide is written in a manner that is very easy to understand. You do not need to have any prior knowledge about the brain or the memory. Moreover, it deals with everything you need to know about your memory, mainly with factors that make you become forgetful, different forms of mnemonics, simplified ways of applying the peg technique, a wide variety of memory boosters for all ages, specific ways of enhancing long-term memories, simple daily habits that can boost your memory significantly etc.

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