Prophecies of a Himalayan Sage

by M.G. Hawking

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Book Description

Explore the Extraordinary Wisdom and Prophetic Insights of a true Himalayan Sage. Every thinking person recognizes that humanity is in crisis, ecologically, spiritually, and very clearly politically—in fact, in any way you look at it. Theology has crumbled and political theory collapsed; technology complicates life and war; “political correctness” and the loss of legitimate journalism subverts truth to enthrone ignorance; religious fanaticism infiltrates governments, terrorizes citizens, inflames the world, and imperils every rational nation on our planet. Why is this happening at this point in our civilization? “At every step history teaches us how fragile and superficial a structure civilization is, and how precariously it is poised upon the apex of a never extinct volcano of oppressed barbarism, superstition, and ignorance. Modern civilization is a thin veneer superimposed upon the Middle Ages, which always remain.” —the Sage On an extended trek in the remote Himalayas, explorer M.G. Hawking chanced on an extraordinary opportunity. A series of adventures led him to an ancient Oracle Temple where he encountered a true Himalayan Sage. The author's discussions with the savant covered a wide range of subjects, revealing a series of profound insights. Explore revelations that have long remained concealed under layers of deception and secrecy. An incomparable Kindle Unlimited book for anyone interested in the welfare of their country and their family.

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