Psychological Causes of Diseases: Psychosomatic Methods of Healing (Personal Development Book)

by Vanessa Angel

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Book Description

"Thus, the disease is a good Teacher and Leader on the path to spiritual and physical recovery. Communication with the disease helps to recollect the courage, look honestly straight in the eyes of the conflicts and problems of your inner world." Each of us come into this world with the own program. Everyone faces particular challenges regarding spiritual evolution. If we do not meet them or stand still or do something opposite, a disease emerges. The condition is not a punishment, but a Teacher who tells us how we need to live. Fever is an indicator of our wrong actions that contradict our Calling. Modern medicine has created a system of suppression of symptoms of different pathologies using pharmacological drugs manufactured by synthetic medications that relieve a person from such symptoms as fever, blood pressure disorders, cough, or pain in any part of the body. However, all these methods do not solve the subtle psychological causes of disease and often do not influence the reasons for the disease. Symptomatic treatment leads only to the continuous process because it helps the condition "To Go Inside."

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