Psychology: How To Analyze People Using Human Psychological Techniques, Body Language Signals, Social Skills And Personality Types

by Lela Gibson

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Book Description

If we could read minds, we would know what to do or say at the right time. We would never have to worry about how others perceive you, and we would not have to waste so much time on people who did not deserve it. If we could read minds, the world would be ‘sucker’ free. Such ability would save so much time and trouble! While the ability to read minds may seem like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, did you know that if you applied psychology to analyze people, you could actually ‘read them like a book’? A person is a series of behaviors and verbal and non-verbal symbols that if you learn how to analyze, you can gain a supernatural ability: reading people and knowing what they are thinking. From this amazing book, you are going to learn how to use psychological techniques, personality types, and body language signals to read people as you would an open book. Let’s begin.

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