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Author’s Reflection Find yourself from the crowd! Everybody cannot believe in you and you can’t believe in everybody. Always remember, to compete, be complete. You are an Eagle, stop eating worms. Live your life for a purpose because that is the mandate of living. Neither predicament nor prejudice is friendly to purposeful plan, Presumptuous attitude kills purpose faster than the previous two. Guide your purpose with prayer. Eagles fly and scale great heights, conquer the sky, and rule the mountains; lose yourself from the stake of self-pity. The next hero to be celebrated is you. Eagles use what they have to survive. You’ve got talent, skills, wisdom and understanding, use them! The physical transformation of an eagle from nestling to a juvenile is very surprising, though gradual: it is such a marvellous metamorphosis that beats the awe and imagination of man. Developing the mindset and DNA of an eagle based on fundamental living principles can be so amazing because it evolves as a unique trait founded on excellence. As the eaglet grows, it evolves into the strong powerful, indomitable, fearless, conquering bird that negotiates nothing less in its living pattern. The transformation cuts across the subconscious and the mental in unison with the structural body formation; it is primed by consistent flying, observation, and training means then that the way of the eagle is passed down the generations without struggle or missing link in knowledge, act or fundamental

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