Quest for the talismans

by Pt Shepherd

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Book Description

Rygan is considered a monster by nearly all who meet him. A man of four races he is often met with fear, suspicion and hatred. To make matters worse, his grandfather, the Troll God Turok, wants to lay waste to all nations All Rygan wants is to find the talismans that make up the Troll God’s prison. He does not need complications. Complications like Danielle, an elfin/human Halfling with a knack for getting in trouble. Unfortunately, Danielle has one of the talismans Rygan desperately needs. On the advice of Danielle’s grandfather, who happens to be a wizard, the two set out to find the last remaining Dragon. Things go sideways when Danielle is abducted by minions of the Troll God. Now, Rygan must lead an expedition to the far north to rescue her. To the middle of a frozen wasteland where an angry god awaits. So much for not having complications.

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