Raw Edible Wild Plants for the British Isles (and other places too)

by Amanda Rofe

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Book Description

Raw Edible Wild Plants contains information on more than 100 wild plants, 40 colour photographs and new chapters on sea vegetables and fungi. All plants listed can be found in the British Isles and other places too, including much of Europe and parts of North America. This book explains why we should be eating wild plants, which parts of these plants can be safely eaten raw and guidelines on foraging. Raw wild plants are unadulterated, unprocessed and unpackaged. They are locally grown and in season. Unlike today's modern hybrids, which are unable to grow without a great deal of help and persuasion, wild plants naturally thrive in their local environment. Raw wild plants are high in nutrition. They provide us with beneficial nutrients that are lacking in today's fast-growing, highly processed and overcooked food. These plants are organically grown and completely natural. They are also completely free so are ideal for those on a low income or tight budget. Wild plants are the ultimate sustainable survival food but suitable for everyday use.

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