Reckoning of Days

by Jay Sandover

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Book Description

"A stunningly gorgeous and inventive novel." --William Flesch, Professor of English, Brandeis University This ambitious novel presents the history and lore of the strange world Triste. The disappearance of the planet's first explorer is just the beginning of the mystery that unfolds in this sweeping and heartbreaking tale of adventure, longing and struggle for power. Yoshi was born on the planet. He has never been to Earth. One of the underdogs, he lives on the capital city's enormous beach, scavenging parts from crashed military drones. Every day is an adventure, as he escapes from the city's police and flees the mercenaries who run the city. Time has always worked in--shall we say extraordinary, yes--extraordinary ways on Triste. The True Time salesmen have begun to suspect there are Go-Betweens (interdimensional gateways) all over the place, and there's one man who has a map of where the Go-Betweens go, just one man, the worst imaginable.

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