Reclaiming Psyche

by K.O. Newman

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Book Description

There was a spark. And then he was gone, and she's left with a little more than she bargained for... Paige I had it all handled. I had a great job, with my slightly crazy best friend, and I was doing my damnedest to raise my little girl all by myself, with maybe a little help from my friends. Didn't matter that I hadn't really known Hannah's dad. What mattered was that I loved my daughter with everything I had. Nik I was a former Special Forces Operative, who now was dealing with the fact that Gods, who had once been myth, were real. And I was supposedly one of them. I certainly didn't feel anything like a god. Most days I barely felt like a functioning adult. Fighting for the right side was never a hard choice, but superpowers where a whole nother animal that I wasn't ready to deal with. When Paige and her best friend Aimee move back to the states for a job with the illustrious Oracles, gods who had come back to earth, she is faced with a man she never thought she would see again. Hannah's dad stood there, as sculpted and perfect as the last time she had seen him. Well, maybe a little less naked. And he was looking right at her as she stepped off the elevator. What is the first thing she does? Punches him right in the face. Thank the gods that Hannah didn't see. Kick off your shoes, grab a cup of tea, and dive in to Paige and Nik's world of Gods and Monsters. Not to mention their second chance at love. This book is completely safe, no cheating, and I promise a

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