Reiki Healing

by Taj Khanna
  • Book Author : Taj Khanna
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Book Description

Reiki is a Taoist meditation technique geared towards helping people understand the fundamental nature of reality that everything in the universe is made up of energy. When harmony and balance is achieved, the natural flow of energy allows us to enjoy fundamental health and well-being. However, a combination of bad habits and poor life choices will leave us out of sync with this energy, thus causing stress and illness. By manipulating this universal life energy, reiki can actually heal our bodies by helping us return to our natural state of harmony and balance. In this book, I have included a list of health issues that reiki is known for treating. Furthermore, you will learn the twelve placements of reiki, and how to actually use reiki therapy to heal yourself. And if you choose to receive treatment from a reiki practitioner instead, I have included information as to what you can expect from a typical Usui reiki session. You will also learn about the different reiki symbols that are used during sessions. And in case you’re interested in becoming a reiki practitioner yourself, I have dedicated the last chapter to relevant information and links regarding practicing reiki. So if you're ready to give reiki a try, then let's get started!

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