Resisting the 7 Year Itch: How to Resist Temptation to Cheat on Your Partner

by Butler Shironi
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Book Description

There comes a time in every relationship when the fire simply loses its heat. After the first few years together, partners tend to get comfortable with each other and start taking each other for granted. The music loses its beat, so to speak, and this is when the whisper that is temptation becomes more like a persistent, extremely verbose, highly audible voice in your ear. What do you do when you get the itch to cheat on your significant other? Do you just give in to the temptation and hope things still work out after? Or do you turn your back on the urge? Are you even strong enough to resist? If you value your relationship and know that you don’t want to hurt your partner - or lose them - then this book can help. I will show you how to make yourself invincible against temptation and I'll teach you how to set up additional support systems in case you fear you might falter. And most importantly, this book will give you a foundation to identify the issues that may have caused you to lose that lovin’ feelin’ so that perhaps you can rekindle the old flame. Are you ready to turn up the heat so that it's easy to turn down temptation? Let's get started!

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