Revenge and Chameli Gonzales

by Ken Coleman

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Book Description

A gang of savage outlaws led by one of the worst killers in the west, Jim Singer, brutally torture and kill the parents of Andrew Hanson, then rape and defile his 12 year old sister leaving her to die a slow painful death. But Hanson is no ordinary man, he is a violent killer and there is nowhere for the outlaws to hide as he doggedly hunts them down one by one. His determination to inflict the cruellest torture and death on each and every one of them for the way they butchered and painfully, defiled his family, leads him on a journey that spans thousands of miles and many years as he follows them from state to state and through some of the most lawless towns in the west. Along the way, he, reluctantly, acquires a travelling companion who, although beautiful, is to Hanson's mind, completely unhinged and a crazy woman. Her name is Chameli Gonzales. She has her own reasons for seeking revenge on Singer, but she is the most unpredictable, fiery, aggravating and troublesome woman he has ever met. However, as the years pass, he realises that he needs her more than he cares to admit. Even the times when they are apart for years, she is always on his mind as he travels the great plains of the west.

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