Ring of Ages

by Patrick Keithahn

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Book Description

Ring of Ages is a supernatural historical thriller. Set in present-day Boston and medieval Europe, the novel alternates between the lives of two couples and an unusual gold ring. Overwhelmed by their young professional lives, Rebecca and Mason seek a Sunday diversion in Boston. There they stumble upon a singular antique shop. Among its treasures lies the tantalizing lure of a mysterious old ring. Rebecca is mesmerized by its charm. But when Mason buys it for her birthday, their world unravels. The same ring symbolizes the bond between a husband and wife living in medieval Europe. For Tiana and Burke, the lure of wealth and adventure is too powerful to deny. What is the price of living the life of an assassin? Burke and Tiana are about to find out. How are the burdens of today linked to the past? Only in a moment of truth might we see it. The ring reveals all.

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