Rockin’ Crystals: How Healing Crystals Can Rock Your Life

by Brenda DeHaan
  • Book Author : Brenda DeHaan
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Book Description

Curious about crystals? Would you like to learn more about them? "Rockin' Crystals" is a beginner's guide to the basics of crystal healing. It has many color photographs to enhance the information which is explained in a down-to-earth, conversational style. It is not a "woo-woo" book. You might already be enjoying crystals without even realizing it. Wearing jewelry made with natural stones is just one of many ways to incorporate crystals' healing energy into your life. Learn other options by reading this book. "Rockin' Crystals" discusses cleansing and charging crystals, dyed vs. natural stones, making crystal grids, honoring your intuition, how to do a crystal layout on yourself to balance your chakras, and much more. The author's life has been deeply enhanced by learning about healing crystals, and she wants to help others learn about this natural method of feeling better. The end of the book includes a list of over 40 crystals books (by other authors) for further exploration, if interested.

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