Romance in the Sunshine: A Story about Building Relationships

by Terry Atkinson
  • Book Author : Terry Atkinson
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Book Description

Genevieve and Ryan are a young couple who enjoy spending their own time in a special place in the park. It's the old stone bench hidden away in the trees and is their special, secret romantic spot. Genevieve is waiting for Ryan to meet her in the park on the old, stone bench. Then Holly arrives instead of Ryan and throws Genevieve into distrust, doubt and uncertainty about her relationship with Ryan, testing her love for him. This is a fiction story which includes great tips between the lines on how to build a lasting romantic relationship and survive the threat of jealousy and distrust. Join Genevieve and Ryan as they find out what threatened their relationship and how to renew their romance and build back the trust. A story about building a sweet and clean romantic relationship and surviving jealousy.

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