Rong Type

by Zisha Schnitzler

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Book Description

Rong Type is an exciting introduction to the fascinating world of Creative Typography! We all started out by learning shapes in kindergarten: lines, squares, triangles, rectangles, etc. We knew a mountain is a triangle, a slice bread is a square and so on. Then we continued on to the alphabet in 1st Grade and started using the letters for communicating, reading, writing, task managing and way more. We fail to realize that these letters also tell stories, just as – and even more so than – the shapes did. The art of “Creative Typography” or “Creative Words” brings out the word’s meaning by the virtue of the text with which the word was created, with no additional objects, icons or images. Rong Type is a collection of 66 of the author’s word art creations. The album is both witty and entertaining. It will jog your brain cells and get your creative juices flowing. Includes a general description of Creative Typography and a brief section on how to create your own, with a foreword by Ji Lee, former Creative Director at Google and current Creative Director at Facebook. You won’t want to put it down!

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