roses the chase

by daniel bogogolela

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Book Description

Two young men fight for the love and attention of a lady. They live on the same streets and know each other too well. Their other friends convince the one who got told about how beautiful the young woman is. And encourage him to start pursuing her knowing too well how much his actions is going to hurt his friend. They keep the whole thing secret until he begins to suspect that there’s something fishy. His younger brother get hit by a ruler by one of their friends when he confronts them, their behavior is of people who no longer love him. Days later after lunch, he gets to see the truth by his naked eye; the woman of his dreams is talking to his now self-made enemy and they’re so much into each other that they seem not to care about him. He takes a deep sigh and walks past them. They look into each other other’s eyes bemused but carry on talking and holding hands. He looks back at them as he is about to enter the school yard and the lunch break is nearly over. But nothing it seems would tear the new lovebirds apart. Later that evening he goes to his other friend to play arcade game which his uncle was given to him by his boss. There’s a twenty cent slot in it and he has one rand. They play until he gets tired and on his final game they’re fighting a ruthless boss and the boss kills his friend, ruthlessly so, after having had maimed and killed him seconds before. His friend is so disappointed and angry so much so that he starts teasing him. They sit down and talk about what ha

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