by D.W. Roach
  • Book Author : D.W. Roach
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  • Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Book Description

As a dark mist descends upon the vale of Romsdalon, the fate of the realm may very well rest upon the shoulders of a mere child.Hakon High-Stone, son to Eirik High-Stone, has been chosen by the Aesir Gods themselves: he is to unlock the magic and mysteries of the Runebinders. An Ancient Order will emerge to reveal the child's destiny and guide his hands.But will the forces of Helheim linger, and will the boy be destroyed - or his heart poisoned - towards hate and malice? Arise, Gatekeepers. Arise and uphold your sacred honors, lest the boy be turned to the Circle of Darkness.“In the darkness they came, covered under a veil of mist and shadowIn the darkness they came, with their sharp, rusted blades and gnashing teeth oozing of decayIn the darkness they came, to put the Runebinders at bay...”

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