Sakharov the Bear

by John Ellsworth
  • Book Author : John Ellsworth
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  • Category : Mystery & Thrillers
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Book Description

A Legal Thriller - in a Russian Courtroom Drama Two CIA field operators obtain a bill of lading from an arms supplier in Moscow. Tracing the origin and destination of the weapons there is reason to believe a massive arms shipment has come into the U.S. through the Port of Long Beach. While their investigation proceeds, the CIA operatives are arrested in Russia and put on trial for stealing state secrets and murder. Michael Gresham appears in Moscow to defend them, but the trial turns into a kangaroo court of Russian justice. Corruption and undercover deceit threaten to put the Americans in front of a Russian firing squad. Every Lawyer Novel Needs a Trial The jury trial that follows is probably Michael's strangest case ever. People die and people disappear, secrets are stolen, and confessions are made, any of this based on truth and reality? Or is everything a wall of disinformation meant to throw off the Americans and stymie all attempts at justice in the Russian court? Watch from your front row seat as Michael takes on the KGB only to find the judge sending him to jail because he fought back in court. Everything is at risk here, as we look in on the American President, the NSA, the CIA, and DoD while the story accelerates to its exciting and shocking climax.

John Ellsworth


Now for the meta-data. I live in Southern California, married to Deb, five daughters (yes, I know what it’s like to yearn for my own bathroom with only one key), three dogs, too many guitars to count, and a love of anything outdoors. Right now I live two blocks from the beach and spend long days there, working on an iPad and tasting the salt air in between sips of my Starbucks. For fun, there’s a motor scooter and a three-wheel bicycle that I ride up and down these crowded Ocean Beach streets causing minor traffic jams as I go past. Oh, well.

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