Sally from Downstreet

by Munachi Grey

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Book Description

Who was next? The Land of the Settlers is in a state of chaos. . .The strange events are beginning to reoccur in the town. It seems to revolve around a particular group. . . The Storyracers. They appear to be calm and collected but -- tensions are high, nerves are at the brink of flipping. Questions scream loud in Beatrice Nuella's mind --Why them? is she crazy or are they just refusing to see what is happening?. In the midst of it all, a new girl Maggie is coming to town in a very strange way, everyone is intrigued to see her, especially tough lady, Catherine Gwendellon. Catherine is determined to find out the story behind this Maggie . . . But then, the unexpected happens and all blame is pointed to that, which revolves around Sally from Down Street. Who is next . . .? if only they knew.

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