SAP Customer Master Ultimate Guide

by Syed Awais Rizvi
  • Book Author : Syed Awais Rizvi
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Book Description

SAP Project end user guide to learn SAP customer master • Why this Book? Every year thousands of SAP projects implemented around the world. Millions of dollars are spent on SAP implementation hoping for better performance and productivity. Better productivity only improves when users learn SAP with proficiency. In many projects training not considers critically. Training significantly help project to become productive and successful. SAP R/3 comes with many options and flexibilities. Despite modern training end users struggle with essentials. Getting training on GUI and customer master essentials in detail might not be the highest priority in most of the projects. This book coves some SAP GUI introduction and heavily focused on standard SAP customer master. Many companies customize and configure many different probabilities, so in this book reader will find SAP standard functionality. The main goal of this book is to deliver simple and easy learning from customer master standard functionality. If you want to start learning SAP hands on, then skip the first chapter “Introduction to SAP” and start from the chapter two “SAP Navigation.” First chapter about information technology and SAP foundation learning. Ultimately all the SAP GUI training, tips and tricks from this book comes down to one thing: How to be proficient in SAP Customer master. Learn to utilize high performances to work on SAP efficiently. The picture speaks thousands of words, book features with SAP

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