Scary Fast: 7 Advanced Hacks to Boost Your Productivity 1,000x by Brian Michael Stegner

by Brian Michael Stegner

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Book Description

Already read the top 10 productivity books on Amazon? Ready to go Faster? Using personal stories to illustrate mind-bending principles, Scary Fast weaves together the author's unique storytelling style and his atypical productivity skills into an unforgettable ride. -- If you want to do something well and you want to do it quickly, see how Brian Stegner is doing it…I have watched Brian Stegner do significantly more than most people with seemingly less effort. He knows how to do many things well, to do them quickly, and somehow he continues to increase his efficiency. Brian is someone I'd turn to for help in a range of subjects, but efficiency in execution of tasks more than any other. MIKE GOCKLEY Director of Leadership Development, Church 21 Brian's easily the most efficient person I've ever met…I’ve seen him solve problems with quick, creative solutions nearly as many times as I've seen him meditate on something for a couple of days and come back with a brilliant plan to optimize workflow. If anybody knows how to hack life and make it run smoother, it's Brian Stegner. TOM ZALATNAI Executive Producer, UpfordNetwork.

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