by Christian Celind
  • Book Author : Christian Celind
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  • Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Book Description

Dane is a cautious, yet curious boy. He has been transferred from the playground to The Hall, where music is the only focus. Roc has been put in a The Arena. Being extremely energetic and highly competitive, he’s perfectly suited for the sports room. In The Park Lia found comfort in the group of like-minded misfits. In such a dynamic environment, things can go awfully wrong. Playing video games only kept Hale entertained for so long. Constantly failing to engage the group in activities or conversations not related to games, she falls into a depression difficult to snap out of. In The Lounge, Britt and other young adults scenes come together to party. But it’s a different game, where not everyone is your friend. Ana is fascinated by it all. She goes on a quest to try to save them all. Are their lives interconnected somehow? And who can answer the question they all have on their mind 'What happens when we disappear?'

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