Season Changes (Amish Romance) (Amish Summer Romance Series Book 4)

by Esther Weaver
  • Book Author : Esther Weaver
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Book Description

Emily Sutter was a young girl with a lot of responsibility. But it wasn't the kind of responsibility she expected at seventeen. Instead of planning her wedding, Emily was living with her grandmother on her farm. The work was hard and Emily could see no way of having a life of her own.But Emily's grandmother breaks her leg in a freak accident and with no free Amish farmhands, they have to look outside their community for help. Emily is cautious about the Englischers. She has never had any interest in their ways. She certainly isn't interested in finding love.Josh Hutchins has lived in a group home but as he's almost eighteen, he knows that any day, he'll be asked to leave. Bored of his cashier job in a grocery store, he turns up at an Amish farm that is looking for help. He knows nothing of the Amish ways but the old woman and her granddaughter are pleasant. He notices how pretty Emily is for a young woman who wears no make-up, her natural beauty shining through.When the moment arrives and Josh is told he must leave the group home, he freaks out. He doesn't know what to do because for the first time in his life, he is thinking about someone else, Emily. She talks about Amish life so lyrically that he feels drawn to their ways.Read on as Gott seems to answer all their prayers…

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