Secret Formula for Build a Team: The Correct Competency Usage

by Richard FlInk
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Book Description

Every enterprise works with teams and needs the high team performance to get better income results. Otherwise, create an effective team is not easy. That's why managers failure for building a great team. In its first edition, Secret Formula for Build a Team: The correct competency usage addresses the problems that make teams have poor results and bad group productivity. Many and different problems appear, like: How to choose the participants • How to create cohesion • How to build a team to solve problems • How establish good communication • How to boost creativity and leverage diversity • And more? Effective team building is essential if your company is going to achieve its full potential. A team is much more than the sum of its parts and even a group of great minds is not destined for success unless they can really learn to work together toward common goals. Although your desired outcome may be to function like a well-oiled machine, the fact is that people are not machines parts. This book shows you how build great team using a correct approach.

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