Secret Lovers (Soul Brothers Book 2)

by D.M. Mortier
  • Book Author : D.M. Mortier
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

She Never Imagined She’d Be The “Other Woman," But She’d Do Anything To Experience Love In His ArmsCatalina Ramírez never thought that she would ever be referred to as the “other woman”. But men like Maximilian Riddick would inspire a woman to break all moral boundaries in order to have him. Wanting desperately to love and be loved by him, she concealed details of her personal life that could have shattered their relationship even before it began. Despite his insistence that he wanted her as more than just his clandestine lover, she preferred existing in the shadows of his life.˃˃˃ He Would Break Every Rule To Claim HerMax had a wife he had promised to protect always, and a lover he was determined to keep in his bed. Given his paper marriage and his lover’s determination to conduct their liaison in secret, there was nothing stopping him from fulfilling his obligations to his wife while claiming the woman of his every desire. ˃˃˃ Secrets Have A Way Of Being RevealedTheir relationship was sexually explosive, but Max wanted more from her. He started asking questions and demanding answers. Why was a woman like Catalina willing to settle for so little? What was she hiding? Who was she hiding from? Maybe he’d been a bit hasty in thinking he could have it all.Scroll Up And Grab Your Copy Today!

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