Secrets of the Ancient World, Shangri-La: The Himalayan Journals

by M.G. Hawking
  • Book Author : M.G. Hawking
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Book Description

Explore an extraordinary modern account of the reality of a legend that has endured from the very threshold of history, the Fabled Lost World of Shangri-La. The concept for this lost kingdom was inspired by the stories of Shambhala that are so prevalent in the ancient wisdom traditions of cultures throughout the Himalayan regions of Asia and beyond. Scholars relate that the scriptures of the 4000 year-old Zhang Zhung culture are the earliest extant references to this mysterious realm, yet it is represented in a wide range of ancient texts: the sacred pre-Buddhist B’on writings, the Kalki lore, the Puranas, and in the even more ancient Kalachakra Mulatantra. On an extended trek in a closed region of the Himalayan wilderness, in an isolated valley surrounded by towering ice peaks, explorer M.G. Hawking chanced on a beautiful small village where he encountered remarkable men and women. This book contains detailed accounts of Hawking’s various experiences and conversations, including first-hand accounts of the psychokinetic abilities he witnessed and in-depth descriptions of his discussions with the masters and sages, revealing the esoteric knowledge that made such extraordinary abilities possible. A truly incomparable book for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and personal power, and notably fascinating for anyone interested in exploring the realities underlying the ancient legends of Shangri-La. 2020 Edition, please see the Amazon page. Thank you.

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