Self-Development: How to Change Your Life? (Personal Development Book)

by Vanessa Angel

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Book Description

Personality means a particular person characterized by the specific individual physical and mental characteristics. Speaking of nature, psychology has always said a person as a member of society. Personality is inconceivable outside organization. A man has always been a member of a team - family, school, college, university, office employee, etc. The person’s activity in the organization, the relationship of the individual and the group, mainly determine the development of different personality features. Individual psychological characteristics always characterize nature. They include needs, interests, ideals and world outlook, political beliefs, person's physical and mental abilities, temperament and temper. The person's psychological features are historically conditioned. They were developed in the course of social and labor life, and, therefore, they express the person’s human essence and characterized features that have evolved in a person as a member of society; they cannot be considered a product of human biological development. Love yourself and remember that every day is a new possibility! Here You Will Learn… General Concept of Personality and Its Psychological Features The Concept of The Self-Development Process What to Do if You Don’t Have a Goal in Life? Fundamental Principles of The Correct Goal Setting How to Overcome Laziness? Bonus! Loving Yourself is Important! (Complete collection - save $2.99) Much, much more! ...Free Gift Inside ;)

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