Self Esteem: Overcome Fear & Anxiety: The Ultimate Guide (Personal Development Book)

by Vanessa Angel

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Book Description

‘Live for yourself’ is a phrase which scares many people. We all know the consequences: vice, lechery, degradation. Moreover, then, somewhere, down the slippery slope... However, once I confessed to myself that my life does not often belong to me. That I have so many ‘I have to’ and just a few ‘I want to.’ A sense of duty was laying on my dreams and plans like a stone slab, and I continued my attempts to set it up for the testimonies. And then I Decided: Enough! I was tired of turning my life and soul into the nuclear waste landfill. Tired to explain, like a humble suppliant, to shuffle away, to explain how I dared to put my interests above other people‘s affairs. It is time to live for myself. To choose happiness, not the self-hypnosis. To live by love, not on demand. Thus, I started my revolting, antisocial year in a regular ego mode. ‘Healthy,' or, better to say, ‘reasonable’ – my saving stipulation, due to which the others could not immediately recognize a disturber of the public order of things in me. Indeed, many people believe: first gnaw ten loaves of iron, wear out ten iron shoes, have a hell of a time, and then, if you still have enough strength and health, please, live for yourself. But I Started Immediately!

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