Self Love:: Raising Your Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem

by Laura Platten
  • Book Author : Laura Platten
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Book Description

Self-love is a complicated concept, which often has negative connotations in today‘s society. This pessimistic idea of self-love does not truly represent what self-love is about, however. Self- love encapsulates the idea that you should accept and appreciate yourself for who you are, and recognize the value that you contribute, your strengths and capabilities, and your right to be loved and treated with kindness and respect. This book will provide you with a thorough examination of the concept of self-love, and how to accomplish it. First, we will start with an in-depth discussion of what self-love is (and is not) so that you truly understand what self-love is. Once you have a proper understanding of what self-love is, we will examine why it is so important for leading a full and happy life. Next, we will look at how you can get started on your journey to self-love. This chapter will take you through the four stages of making any substantial change in your life: awareness, reflection, changing along the way, and integration. The chapter will also provide some overall guidelines as to how to go through each of these stages so that you will eventually achieve your goal of self-love

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