Self-Publishing Checklist

by April D Brown
  • Book Author : April D Brown
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Book Description

Self-publishing feels overwhelming. So many places to start. Multiple options to upload various file types. They don't all match. Several distributors and combinations of distributors and social media blast options. It's difficult to know where to begin. Each section of this workbook goes into detail about everything you need before you reach the destination's internet page. Step one covers an indepth look at nine distributors. The cover page for each highlights the major points later broken into individual worksheets. Step two goes into more detail about the pre-launch and post-publishing marketing aspects among several platforms. The Book Listing Newsletter sites picks a few sites to cover. More come and go every day. It gives a general idea of what you need prepared to use them. The last major section covers information about direct sales. This is something some authors look forward to, and others dread. It'll give you a list of points to remember for each one. These checklists aim to help you organize your plan. Of course, it can't cover every option out there. They are constantly changing. Use these lists as a guide on your publishing and marketing journey. Worksheets can be printed and updated for each project, or kept in a binder to refer to on all stages of the process: before, during, and after publication. This book includes a link (in the back) to download an Excel spreadsheet full of data to help you connect all of this information into a practical process.

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